Le Kim



"The circular economy is not only a solution for a balanced eco-system, but also a potential opportunity for businesses."

Having an Economic background from the UK with experiences in CSR of manufacturing, supplychain; Kim has been a circular economy activist proactively making action to boost CE transition in Southeast Asia. 


In CL2B, Kim works closely with intergovernmental agencies, national and local governments, as well as brands and manufacturers in Asia, she brings her insight understanding of opportunities and challenges faced by many of the countries in the region with respect to waste.


Josse Kunst



"There is overwhelming evidence that the way we now live is unsustainable. The ‘take, make, waste’ way of consuming cannot continue forever as population growth soars and natural resources are depleting fast. The negative effects of consumerism have already created a devastating impact on the climate. It’s time to change. Not soon, but now."

Based in Europe - in the Netherlands, Josse is leading a purpose driven start-up focused on connecting entrepreneurs in Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific to implement business that is fully circular and profitable for all people involved. Holding + 25 years of global business experience,  working on the interface of materials science and market needs. He specialises in redesigning bio-based material and has worked with some of the biggest multinational clients from consumer goods, manufacturing and packaging industries as well as government agencies and intergovernmental organisations

In CL2B, Josse is responsible for material scientific, global recycling technologies, international strategy advisory and implementation projects on circular economy.


Associate Partners

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Nguyen Trung Viet

Solid Waste Management Expert

Dr. Nguyen Trung Viet is former head of Solid waste management & Climate Change department of Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam with more than 40 years experience in leading & implementing more than hundred projects. 

At CL2B, Dr. Viet brings his experiences to advise executive team in the feasibility, impact of the projects.

Philip Lajaunie

Senior Consultant

Sustainability and environmental engagement have been woven throughout Philip’s career with experiences in leading strategies for solid waste management for municipal and other sector, vision toward a flexible future of recycling. 

Expertise: Public Policy, Economics and Politics, Climate Change and Energy.

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Oscar Artachor 

Business Development

Entrepreneur and highly motivated. Oscar recognizes the potential benefits of sustainability and CE brings to business,. With many years experiences in uncovering key business drivers and finding common ground as chief negotiator in account management roles spanning Operations and Business Development. Oscar take in EPR, CSV values into the sale & BD strategies of business and the account management aspects

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Duong Lien 

Senior Consultant

​Leading strategies for many innovative partnership projects for emerging economy countries in SEA, Africa. Passionate for MSMEs and motivate  these enterprises to be part of the Circular Economy transition. 

Expertise: Strategic partnership, cross sector collaboration, capacity building


Operational Team

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Nguyen Ha

Environmental consultant

With Environmental Technology  background with an MBA from Kedge business school.  Ha leads and manage the current project by providing insights on circular businesses and environment technology in relation to value chain and sustainable manufacturing. She also plays the lead role in execution and implementation of CL2B projects on circular economy in the local context as well as international and region perspectives.

Ly Vi Ky

CE Business Analyst

Duong Dai

Researcher| Project coordinator

His specialisation in Circular Business Modelling, Waste Management, Social and Behaviour Change Communication has brought multidisciplinary insights into complex projects related to Extended Producer Responsibilities and Circular Economy. Besides, he supports sustainability applications and initiatives that radically transform societal norms and practices in response to climate change and loves to work on projects that serve underserved communities such as the underprivileged and SMEs.

Joined CL2B at very early stage, Duong Dai supports on-going project in research, co-ordinating. Have many years working with social enterprise with community impacts, Duong Dai connects different stakeholders and engage community toward circular economy transition. 


Thuy Nguyen

Legal & Finance

10 years experiences in Financial & Accounting. Thuy recognizes and able to bring deep analysis of financial budget, risks, and relevant challenges of complex projects. 

Legal support regarding enterprise establishment,Mergers and acquisitions 



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