Lê Kim

Co- Founder
Managing Director

"The circular economy is not only a solution for a balanced eco-system, but also a potential opportunity for businesses."

Having Economic background from the UK with experiences in CSR of manufacturing, supplychain; Kim has been a circular economy activist proactively making action to boost CE transition in Southeast Asia. 

In CL2B, Kim works closely with intergovernmental agencies, national and local governments, as well as brands and manufacturers in Asia, she brings her insight understanding of opportunities and challenges faced by many of the countries in the region with respect to waste. 

Josse Kunst

Co- Founder | Technical Advisor| CE Strategies

"There is overwhelming evidence that the way we now live is unsustainable. The ‘take, make, waste’ way of consuming cannot continue forever as population growth soars and natural resources are depleting fast. The negative effects of consumerism have already created a devastating impact on the climate. It’s time to change. Not soon, but now."

Based in Europe - in the Netherlands, Josse is leading a purpose driven start-up focused on connecting entrepreneurs in Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific to implement business that is fully circular and profitable for all people involved. Holding + 25 years of global business experience,  working on the interface of materials science and market needs. He specialises in redesigning bio-based material and has worked with some of the biggest multinational clients from consumer goods, manufacturing and packaging industries as well as government agencies and intergovernmental organisations

In CL2B, Josse is responsible for material scientific, global recycling technologies, international strategy advisory and implementation projects on circular economy.

Dr. Nguyen Trung Viet

Authorities & Technical Advisor

'' Circular Economy is the direction for sustainable development of emerging economy'' 

Dr. Nguyen Trung Viet is former head of Solid waste management & Climate Change department of Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam with more than 40 years experience in leading & implementing more than hundred projects. 

At CL2B, Dr. Viet brings his experiences to advise executive team in the feasibility, impact of the projects.

Miquel Angel

Head of Tourism & Hospitality Circular Economy

"My whole career path is orientated to topics as green theme and sustainability. As a firm believer in the circular economy providing benefits to all parties and a better future for everyone. Time is a huge concern, and activation does not wait."

With over +25 years of experience in Catalonia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and mostly Vietnam in sustainable hospitality and tourism, Miquel interacts on governance and proposals for the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in his active role as working group head. 

In CL2B, Miquel brings his leadership experiences, knowledge and network in international sustainability relation to speed up the circular economy transition of Southeast Asia. 

Trần Quốc Mỹ

Circular Economy Business Analyst

"Climate change is recognised as one of the major threat to our planet stated by scientists. Southeast Asia is expected to face the worst effects of it. The circular economy is a way to tackle this issue by transitioning business models from linear to circular. It is time to become adaptable to this new threat."

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Quoc My recently moved to Vietnam to contribute to the CE transition in Southeast Asia. He has worked as project coordinator for start-ups in Europe in guiding them towards a more circular economy business model, through providing market understandings, consumer behavior insights, analyzing the material-flow, and identifying circular opportunities in the value chains.

In CL2B, Quoc My is the CE business development analyst, he maps out the circular business opportunities by providing insights on circular business models in relation to value chain and sustainable manufacturing. He also plays the lead role in executing LCA, material-flow analysis, and implementation of projects on circular economy in the region. 


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